A New kind of American

                                    Conservacrat Creed


I hate labels; I hate being called a conservative, righty, centrist, Reagan Democrat, and libertarian. I would just rather be called by my name Larry. Labels are for people who want the world to be a neat, tidy, easily explainable place. It isn’t but for those who want me to be labeled here it is.

I am a conservative, libertarian, Reagan Democrat, a moderate, (a Carter Convert) human being, that is progressive on many  social issues, conservative on economic issues, libertarian on our basic freedoms. Rudi Giuliani Republican, a far right ring radical wing nut on foreign policy an unabashed lover of America , and a person who wants peace on earth, and goodwill to all.  I am a McCain Feingold hawk on campaign spending, a strong fighter for separation of church and State. I am also a realist, a passionate recovering long ago Democrat who believes that Government does have a place (just a really little one) in our lives.

Today in our country we are completely polarized, we are defined as either a Republican, or a Conservative, a centrist, a moderate. I believe that there are many like me that do not conform to simple labels so here it is I am now coining a new phrase, a new label, ( like we really need another one).


  • We are strong believers in a social safety net for those truly in need, yet we do not believe that the Government (all of us) is a substitute for personal responsibility.
  • We do not believe in redistributing wealth, we believe in creating it.


  • We do not believe that Government is the answer; we believe that Government is often the problem.
  • We believe in some rules and regulations , we are not Somalia. Our food needs to be safe, our water clean, our skies blue and our children protected. We do believe however that there are basic rules of society and that it is not the Governments place to regulate, every facet of our lives. .
  • We believe in responsible gun control laws. We license cars we need to test, teach and control, (not deny the use of) weaponry.
  • We believe in immigration … legal immigration.This country is a melting pot of all cultures, creeds, races, religions and that is what made us who we are. We are everybody yet we are first and foremost Americans.
  • We believe that  immigrants should be required to learn our language, our culture, our history. Becoming an American is a privilege not a right.
  • We are not African Americans.
  • We are not Jewish Americans
  • We are not Irish Americans
  • We are Americans.
  • We celebrate different  cultures not disparage them.
  • We celebrate freedom not limit it.
  • We respect people who have differences of opinion, religion, sexuality we don’t’ condemn it.
  • We believe in accountability. That means any law written for the masses  must also apply  to the law makers (Congress).
  • We believe in personal accountability, not Government dependency, yet we understand that some truly need help.
  • We believe in the constitution not as a Bible, and the word of Gods (founding fathers) but as the base, the pillar, the anchor, from which our country was built and has thrived.
  • We believe in equal opportunity,not cronyism, elitism.
  • We may not believe in the cult of global warming but we understand that fossil fuels are a finite, dirty, very limited way, to run our highly technical world.
  • We believe in drilling and utilizing our energy assets here in the United States as much as possible (to wean us off of foreign dependency of oil) while concurrently, actively, and aggressively, looking for cleaner, cheaper alternatives such as hydrogen and other clean, sustainable energies.
  • We don’t care about the personal lives, preferences, tendencies of individuals in the privacy of their own homes. . It is none of our business unless it affects our lives.
  • We believe in reality not some conjured up alternate politically correct world that denies it.
  •  We believe in individual protections, civil rights, from and for religion.
  • We believe in free speech unless it is yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.
  • We believe Alternative lifestyles, beliefs, cultures, have the same rights, civil or otherwise as traditional lifestyles legally, yet we do not force those who do not believe in these alternate lifestyles to accept them.
  • As it applies to Gay marriage. We are all for any loving couple to have a Union. If they want to call it a marriage that is their perogative however Marriage has been defined for thousands of years as between a man and a women and that terminology will not change.
  • We believe that the basic precepts of our constitution must always be protected, the words., “ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
  • We believe that our constitution and especially these words can and should be the centerpiece of every constitution in the world!
  • We believe in American exceptionalism. We are the shining light on the hill. We are the beacon of freedom for countries and people that have none. We may not be the policemen of the world, or are perfect,  but we are the heart and soul of it.
  • We believe in checks and balances, not centralized unilateral decision making.
  • We believe that when one takes an oath to protect our constitution that means that they should “PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION” not alter it irrevocably unless the entire country votes on it.
  • We believe in standing by our allies, supporting democratic Countries that believe as we do in freedom, liberty.
  • We do not negotiate with terrorists or people whose sole reason for existence is to destroy us, our civilization and our freedoms.
  • We do not believe in a “litmus” test for a candidate on how conservative, how liberal they are. We believe in core values, intelligence and common sense in our leaders.
  • We do not believe in ideologues and radical ideologies. Our country has issues but it is still the greatest in the world. Let’s build, improve, and not completely change it.


In short you may now call us Conservacrats , a common sense alternative to both extremes.



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