What is a Conservacrat ?


Democrats; Todays Democrat are not your Daddys ( or Mommys ) Democrat. Kennedy would be a far right wing nut to them. His pro business and tax reducing policies are anethema to todays Democrat:

Republican: While we identify more with the Republicans many of us are not happy with the very socially conservative direction that the Republican party has taken.

We are Conservacrats:

  • ┬áSocially progressive ( on most issues)
  • Economically conservative.
  • Pro free market businessman.
  • Lean towards being a libertarian but believe in some Government.
  • We believe in American exceptionalism .
  • We are not perfect but the United States has been a force for stability and a beacon of freedom in this world.
  • We believe in limited Government , not , no Government. Common sense here applies.

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